BMA Axia – the latest ergonomic seating from Mardel


True ergonomic seating has to involve supporting the pelvis to encourage good posture and the BMA Axia range performs this function beautifully. By introducing the Axia range, Mardel can now provide a preventative seating solution at the workstation and aid users who already have postural issues.

Only by combining all the necessary ingredients featured on the Axia chair can the user benefit from the superior seating position. Pelvic support, exclusive mechanism and seat design ensure constant seat height at the front of the chair. 1:1 synchronised motion to ensure correct angle of view at all times and arms in a constant relationship with the front of the workstation. BMA have also considered implications of users only being able to operate a chair from one side; all BMA chairs are dual operated with functionality on both sides.

For more information on the BMA range of office and 24 hour seating please contact us and we will be happy to provide a free consultation. We are also happy to discuss workstation related issues and suggest improvements to your workplace environment.