Office chairs for the petite user, generally 5' 4" or less in height


Most petite people are used to putting up with chairs that are made for average people. It isn't healthy for anyone to sit in a chair that doesn't meet their personal needs. A properly fitted chair allows you to work in the position that is healthy and comfortable. This is especially important if you spend long hours at your desk in your working day.

A chair made for an average person would:

Prevent your feet from resting flat on the floor
Have a backrest where the features would be in the wrong postion to suit the user
Have a seat that is too deep

To prevent the restriction of blood flow to your legs, there should be a gap of at least three fingers between the front edge of the seat and the back of your legs. Seat depth is often overlooked when chairs are being purchased for the smaller user.

These problems can be resolved by purchasing a petite office chair that offers a superior and more comfortable solution for the smaller user.

Ocee Petite Chairs

Micro Petite Chairs

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