SAVVI the long awaited new task chair from Nomique


Mardel are pleased to announce the launch of Savvi, the long awaited new task chair from Nomique. Nomique is a design-led furniture manufacturer in Telford who along with its own in-house design team uses the expertise of well known designers such as Mark Gabbertas and David Fox.

Savvi has been designed in-house as a task chair to suite the modern office environment. Its angular appearance compliments the strong edges which are becoming more and more popular, as bench desking and straight desk designs are the solution for space and style in many office situations. The ergonomic design together with the choice of mechanisms and features, allows the user to personalise their chair and ensure good posture at the workstation.

The ergonomic mechanism promotes free movement, improves circulation and gives full positional control to the user. Along with the excellent ergonomic back design is the ability to ‘two tone’ the upholstery, as the panelled stitching detail gives a wide choice of upholstery options. Each chair comes complete with operating instructions neatly inserted in a clear panel on the back of the chair ensuring all features are clearly explained; it’s this attention to detail that sets certain seating products apart in what is a very competitive and design lead market. If you would like to test any chairs in Mardels' range or require any further info please call us.